Amusement Rides

Chippewa Park has been the home to a range of amusement rides since the early 1920's. Today, anchored by the Historical Carousel, the park boasts a small midway.  For the younger set they can choose between tanks, planes and boats to ride on.  For the older visitor, the tilt-a-whirl and bumper cars  will give you a thrill. 
Hours (June 2th - Sept. 2nd)
June: Sat. & Sun. only, 1-8pm
July & Aug.: Wednesday through Sunday 1-8pm. Rides do not operate on Mondays or Tuesdays including any holidays.
(weather permitting)

Description Rate
Small Rides (Tanks, Airplanes, Boats, and Merry-Go-Round) $1.70 (2 tickets required per ride)
Large Rides (Tilt-A-Whirl and Bumper Cars) $3.40 (4 tickets required per ride)
Ticket Books (Includes 30 tickets per book and one ticket for the Muskeg Express Ride) $21 per book


Wildlife Park  

The Wildlife Exhibit is closed as a result of a Thunder Bay City Council decision. The Friends of Chippewa Park are in the process of examining their options to lease the facility and re-open it as a Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre.
For Pictures of the WiIdlife park click here or go to the photo album on the side 
 Sandy Beach Park

The Sandy Beach Park swimming area will be supervised by two lifeguards during July and August. This popular destination has grown in attendance over recent years as more and more members of the public discover it.  Its Lake Superior wave action keeps the beach open through much of the swimming season.


During the operating season a food and beverage concession is located in the corner of the main pavilion. Standard park fare of hot dogs, hamburgers and fries are available. Also available are cheeseburgers, sausages, pogos, onion rings, grilled cheese, chicken strips, poutines, and for a more healthy choice you can choose the caesar salad or the fruit cup.  Inside and outside seating areas are available. On the hot days, come grab some ice cream (many different choices) too. 

Operating Hours:

June: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM Daily

  • Extended hours for Special Events
  • Noon to 5 on Weekends

July: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

  • Open Late for your convenience

History Wall

Inside of the main concession hall in the pavilion is our history wall.  Here you will see many pictures illustrating Chippewa Park's past including it's founder, and different leaders.  Next time you are visiting the park, make sure to include the history wall in your tour, you won't want to miss it!


Chippewa Park is one of the most beautiful natural places in the area for birding.  With long stretches of path along the shoreline and trails within the park, you will be amazed at the different species you may see while visiting the park.


Chippewa Park is one of the most beautiful natural settings in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area.  Between the beach, trees and views within the park, there is always something new and exciting to see while walking through the park. 

Volleyball & Baseball

There are a number of spaces for recreational sports out at Chippewa Park as well, including baseball fields and a volleyball net next to the beach...perfect for practicing with your team, or just enjoying a sunny afternoon.


With five seperate fields to choose from as well as the beach, picnics are always in abundance at Chippewa Park.  Whether renting a field for a work picnic, or just for a fun family afternoon, Chippewa Park is the place to go.  With the beach close by, amusement rides, wildlife park, and playground, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Sleeping Giant Viewing Area

Union Gas of Thunder Bay, strong supporters of The Friends of Chippewa Park, embarked on an interesting project that will provide lasting benefits to the park.  With the generous donations of a number of employees, local business people, and just those who love the park raised $2,360.00 for The Friends of Chippewa Park, and provided 20 white pine trees to the organization.  These trees have since been planted throughout the park.   Union Gas employees developed a viewing area for visitors to enjoy the fantastic view of the Sleeping Giant.  The viewing area is be made up of a couple of benches along with a flower garden so visitors and regular users of the park can view what we all believe is one of the seven wonders of Canada - The Sleeping Giant.  In addition, a plaque recognizing those who contributed to the viewing area and information on the legend of the Sleeping Giant is placed in the area.