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Chippewa's Facelift

Chippewa Park, like many similar facilities went through a period where new construction took on a modern look rather than a continuation of the existing style of the buildings. New concrete block buildings were erected and the interior of log post and beam structures were clad with recreation room style panelling.  A key part of the Bringing Chippewa Park’s Past into the Future was the cladding of these concrete buildings with clear treated half log siding.  Three buildings in the Tourist Camp, two buildings in the main park and the visitor centre at the Wildlife Exhibit were clad in this way.  This cosmetic change combined with the reconstruction of the pavilion has brightened up the park while at the same time re-establishing the ‘natural’ image that this park started out as.


The Tourist Camp’s ‘A’ Frame office and store was relocated to the Wildlife Exhibit to provide a more appropriate and permanent home as a visitor centre. The centre had been operating out of a cube van. The building was installed and the area around it landscaped.


Two block and brick buildings were removed - one at the Tourist Camp and one by the amusement rides. The latter’s removal opened up the vista of Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant to a major part of the arrival area to the park.


The original budget for the building upgrades was $120,000. The final cost is in the range of $300,000.