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Chippewa Park has been a favorite with city residents and visitors since it opened in 1921.  Located on along the beautiful coast of Lake Superior, Chippewa holds  an amazing view of the Sleeping Giant, this is your destination for family fun, scenic beauty and relaxation.  With so much to see and do Chippewa is your perfect summer getaway.



Chronical Journal Report on Anniversary Funding Announcement


Eaters Chippewa Challenge


Sunday, September 27

Race Kit pick up and late registration: 9:00 am to 9:45 am

Race Start: 4km Run - 10:00 am sharp

                   8km /run - 10:15 am sharp

Cost: Metre Eaters: $10.00; Non- Metre Eaters $15.00

Event is in support of Shelter House meals.



Location:         Chippewa Park, Thunder Bay Ontario (everything is outdoors)

                        Start Line – Picnic grounds 1

Course:            4km (1 loop) and 8km (2 loops) 4 and 8 KM run


Temporary street closures for event will be in effect:

·         Whiskey Jack Crescent, from Chippewa Park to Sandy Beach Road on Sunday, Sept. 27 from 9 am to 1 pm for The Chippewa Challenge





Creating work and training opportunities for laid off workers

Thunder Bay: The Friends of Chippewa Park are working hard to get Chippewa Park ready for its centennial celebrations in 2021 and have received significant help from the Ontario government. Funding from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development will enable TFOCP to hire 8 individuals to work and receive job training at the park for the next year. 

“Six of the individuals will be assigned to upgrade a variety of aspects of the park, including removal of the beach retaining wall, restoration of the exteriors of the park’s log buildings, refinishing hardwood floors, planting of trees and a range of other assignments” said Project Manager, Iain Angus.  “We want the park to look its best as we celebrate its 100th year.”

According to 100th Anniversary Co-Chairs, Cathy Sawicki and Linda Lafontaine two of the participants will work with their committee in planning the centennial celebrations including a formal commemoration of July 15 and a 5-day family festival centered around the Civic Holiday weekend. “We are very excited to have the assistance of these two individuals who will take the ideas of the committee and put them into place” they said. “The family festival that we want to organize will feature a range of local talent of interest to all ages and demographics.”

“We know that many communities in our province have been hit hard by the pandemic and economic change,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development. “That’s why we support training projects that help people and communities recover, retrain and prepare for new opportunities.”

The Ontario funding for the project in Thunder Bay comes through a training program that enables laid off workers who are receiving Employment Insurance or whose insurance has lapsed to gain valuable work experience while continuing to receive their EI benefits. “Without this program we would have to raise $550,000 in order to have all of this work done by contractors” said Angus. “This is a real benefit to the community and to the workers involved.”

Chippewa Park was officially opened on July 15, 1921 by the Mayor of Fort William and over its lifetime has been a prime destination for residents and tourists alike.  With the main activities at the park closed due to COVID-19 the Centennial Celebrations will definitely be a “We are glad you are back” celebration next summer” concluded the Co-Chairs.



Summary of Available Facilities (current as of June 26, 2020)

Store in pavilion: 1-8pm Wed-Sun

Concession: not open

Rides: not open

Sandy beach: opens July 6

Bumping car washrooms: 8:30am-10pm Sun-Fri

Campground: not open



Covid-19 Update


Please be advised that anyone coming into the pavilion must be wearing a mask starting Friday July 24th. Thank you for keeping everyone safe while you are visiting the park.



Welcome Back!

Hello and welcome back to Chippewa Park for another summer! The park is open to the public to walk the trails and enjoy nature. Picnics are also encouraged just make sure that it stays within your social circle of maximum 10 people. Please ensure that you still practice social distancing with other people at the park who are not part of your circle.

The carousel merchandise store is also open! The formal hours of the store are 1-8 Wednesday to Sunday starting Friday June 26, 2020. While you are at the park, feel free to drop by the store and see what we have.

We look forward to seeing everyone back out to the park this summer. Stay Safe!

Bumping Car Washroom now open - Sunday through Friday. Porta-potty available on Saturday's

Sandy Beach will open for swimming on July 6 with modifications to reflect the pandemic. This year it will be the only public swimming beach in the City of Thunder Bay - and it will be supervised by Aquatics Staff.


Chippewa Park Dock & Shoreline Draft Plan Released

Public Comment Invited

A draft plan that outlines the process for removing the nearly 70-year-old wooden dock located on the east side of the Chippewa Park beach is now available for public review. The draft plan also outlines how the embayment shoreline is proposed to be protected and fish habitat maintained.

The plan, prepared on behalf of the City of Thunder Bay and The Friends of Chippewa Park by JML Engineering was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Parks and Conservation. Funding was secured because “Beach Closings is one of the remaining impaired Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI) in the Thunder Bay Area of Concern (AOC)” with Chippewa Park having been posted advising the public of the potential risk of E. coli in the water by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit for a number of years.

In addition to the process for the removal of the dock and the armour stone, the plan details the removal of the existing wood retaining wall and fence, along with the methods of protecting the shoreline from both wave and ice action and minimizing the amount of runoff and sediment contamination into the bay. Replacement of fish habitat is also a key part of the plan.

An earlier study in 2015 by Oshki-Aki LP for the City of Thunder Bay in confirmed that water circulation modelling indicated that complete removal of the breakwater would improve exchange of water in the beach area with the goal of improving water quality for swimming.

Iain Angus, Project Manager for The Friends of Chippewa Park noted that the “draft plan provides a realistic process for not only removing the dock and protecting the existing fish habitat, but for providing a long term design that will separate the land from the water, significantly reducing the siltation into the bay while at the same time reducing the impact from wave and ice action on the shoreline. This plan also returns the swimming area beach to a more natural setting” he noted.

The project is being planned under Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA). Part of this process involves presenting the project to the public, review agencies, and other stakeholders. Comments and input received during the consultation period will be considered in the planning and design of the project.

Once the final plan has been prepared a funding application will be submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Parks and Conservation. 

A summery of the plan can be viewed here:


The full study can be found here



Comments should be sent to: Iain Angus - iainangus@tbaytel.net and Werner Schwar - wschwar@thunderbay.ca 





The City of Thunder Bay as part of their Services Review has posted a survey about a range of services in the City. Here is the response to questions related to Chippewa Park:

80% of those responding to the survey support either the increase in the number of campgrounds (10%) or retention of the existing ones (70%)

One question asks if Chippewa Park should be closed or sold.


Of those who responded to the survey only 11% said they wanted to get rid of Chippewa Park. 


  Live Web cam from Chippewa Park - We are working to restore the feed from the camera
Please Note: You must install Axis software in order to view the images, please click on the link below (may not work in all browsers):




As a result of a funding application submitted by The Friends of Chippewa Park in 2018 the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks recently informed the organisation that $75,000 would be provided in the 2019-20 Ministry Budget.  TFOCP immediately informed the City of Thunder Bay Parks and Open Spaces of the funding and discussed with them how best to utilize the money. It was decided that the most appropriate use was the hiring of an engineering firm to develop a plan for the removal and disposal of the derelict wooden dock, the relocation of the armour stones and the development of a plan to protect the shoreline within the embayment. 

Shortly, the City of Thunder Bay will be issuing a Request for Proposal to qualified engineering firms interested in developing the plan.  It is anticipated that the successful firm will be selected in January with the work commencing immediately.

In the meantime, the City of Thunder Bay will be completing the required Class Environmental Assessment based on the Engineering Report prepared in June of 2015 by Oshki-Aki LP.  A notice of commencement will be issued shortly and will provide for comments to be submitted.

Once a cost estimate has been developed by the Engineering Firm, The Friends of Chippewa Park will be submitting a funding application to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks for the financial resources necessary to implement the removal and disposal of the wood dock, the relocation of the armour stone and the securing of the shoreline. It is also anticipated that funding applications will be submitted to the Federal Government.  It is the goal of TFOCP that 100% of the cost of implementation will be paid for by Ontario and Canada.

It is anticipated that the work can commence in the late spring of 2020 and completed by the spring of 2021 in time for the 100th Anniversary of Chippewa Park.

Chippewa Park Breakwater Study (download it here)




The Friends of Chippewa Park have begun the process to plan for the 100th Anniversary of Chippewa Park.  It was officially opened on July 15, 1921 and has been a source of pleasure for many hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors since then.  A committee has been struck and if you are interested in participating in the planning please contact the committee by sending an email to chippewa@tbaytel.net and it will be forwarded to the Co-Chairs, Linda Lafontaine and Cathy Sawicki.





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Chippewa Beaches Permanently Open


June 30, 2017

The health unit has adopted a new approach to advising swimmers as to the conditions of area beaches. Instead of doing once a week testing where results can change within hours the health unit has opted to permanently post a rating based on five years of data. Like before swimmers must use their own judgement on whether to enter the water or not.



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Check out some pictures !


If you have any pictures of Chippewa Park that you would like to share, please bring them out to the park and we will scan them into our computer and add them to our growing data base on the history of the park.  We want your stories too!

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  Chippewa Park has been a favorite with city residents and visitors since it opened in 1921.  Located on along the beautiful coast of Lake Superior, Chippewa holds  an amazing view of the Sleeping Giant, this is your destination for family fun, scenic beauty and relaxation.  With so much to see and do Chippewa is your perfect summer getaway.  


Click on the links on the side to see all that Chippewa has to offer, or telephone the Chippewa Hotline at 807-625-CHIP or call Toll Free at 888-711-5094.  Above is a live action look at the water at Chippewa Park and Pictures and Details of events here at Chippewa Park!