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Note Card Package

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Bring the horses into your home with these wonderful note cards! Use them for all of your note card needs!

Each package has 14 individual note cards in it. Cards are blank on the inside. Each card in the package is different and represents one of the horses on the carousel. In total, there are 28 different cards between the two packages.

Additional images show the first 6 card designs in each package. Group 1 includes cards 1A-7B and Group 2 includes 9A - 15B.

The illustrations on the cards are the hand-drawn illustrations given to the restoration project by our restoration expert, Lisa Parr. These are the illustrations that are used to re-paint the horses during restoration and are an accurate representation of what each horse looked like in 1915 when they came straight from C.W. Parker factory. 

Save $1 when you buy both packages together!