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Water Systems

A key philosophy of The Friends of Chippewa Park as it applied to this project was “do it right the first time.” The original plan did not include any improvements to the water distribution system currently in existence in the park. It was only once changes in the landscaping were commencing that it was recognized that the areas being disturbed included the potable water lines.


It was also recognized that the entire system did not meet the post-Walkerton requirements for potable water and had to be replaced.  It was also determined that the current method of supplying treated potable water to the Wildlife Exhibit was not only inappropriate for the animals but exposed the entire system to contamination. 


The entire potable water system through the park was replaced and a number of backflow valves were installed at key points in the system. This included excavating in bedrock in some crucial locations. A separate water system was installed for the Wildlife Exhibit that draws on water from Lake Superior.


A total of $250,000 was invested in the new water distribution system.