Recent History of Chippewa Park


In August of 2002 The Friends of Chippewa Park embarked on a journey to restore and enhance the historical Chippewa Park.  Significant progress has been made since then and projects currently underway.  Follow the links below to learn more about how we're helping to make the park better and more enjoyable for everyone!

The Pavilion                    Beach Remediation         Chippewa's Facelift



Tourist Camp               Landscaping and Signage       Water System


 Many Thanks to all of our Donors and Sponsors!

 Beginning in the mid 1970's Chippewa Park was in decline.  The park was no longer the prime recreational destination for Thunder Bay and area residents.  Visitation levels to the park had fallen.  The park went into a decline primarily when it experienced a series of water related problems causing frequent beach closures that in turn led to an overall neglect of the park.  That in turn led to a reduction and eventual elimination of municipal transit service and annual cuts to the operating and capital budgets of the park.  The Friends of Chippewa Park have managed to correct many of these issues regarding the beach and run down facilities.  Chippewa Park is now once again serving the public and tourist with quality facilities in greater numbers.  Although there is still some areas to be improved/completed, the current facilities as they exist are completely sufficient, enabling the park to function at full potential as visitation traffic increases.

The RV park is finished it's construction!