The Friends of Chippewa Park

"Bringing Chippewa's Past into the Future"

Chippewa Park has been a favorite with city residents and visitors since it opened in 1921.  Located on along the beautiful coast of Lake Superior, Chippewa holds  an amazing view of the Sleeping Giant, this is your destination for family fun, scenic beauty and relaxation.  With so much to see and do Chippewa is your perfect summer getaway.   

  Live Web cam from Chippewa Park

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Thunder Bay City Council, by a vote of 10 to 2 voted to permanently close Chippewa Park's Wildlife Exhibit as of May 1, 2017.

We would love to see our Wildlife Exhibit become a home for injured and abandoned wild animals. Those animals that can be rehabilitated and released will go back into the wild and those unable to be released will be cared for at the facility. It can be a learning experience for the public and schools as well as making it a ‘second chance’ for the animals. Much like the Bear and Wolf Conservation area in Ely Minnesota, that have earned recognition all over the world for their facilities and processes.  

We CAN do the same!

 Our ultimate goal is to lease the land from the City and care and maintain the animals and the exhibit. To get there we need to do a lot of research and to prepare a business plan, a fund-raising plan, as well as an animal care plan. To do this work we need your financial help.

We want to apply to NOHFC or FedNor for a one year internship and need to immediately raise $10,000 for our share of the intern and for the tools necessary to prepare the required plans. The funding agency will pay 90% of the wage and benefit cost of the intern. Ideally, the successful intern will be a graduate of a veterinarian school who will bring the knowledge gained to the position.

We Thank YOU for your continued support and look forward to working with the public in order to maintain and continue to give these animals a home.If you want to help support the work of The Friends of Chippewa Park please feel free to make a donation to TFOCP.  Any donation over $15 will not only ensure you get a Charitable Receipt but a membership in the organization as well. There are two ways to donate: Immediately below is our gofundme link that you can click on to make a contribution or just below that is an icon that you can also use.



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Summer of 2017

There is lots to do at Chippewa Park this summer!  The Sundays in the Park Concert series is back and we will be posting the schedule shortly.  Tuesday Night Jam Sessions are back for another summer as well as Melodrama on Thursdays at 7 and Sundays at 5 PM.  Details of both to follow.  And don't forget the annual Bill Beavis Family Fun Day on Sunday, June 25 from noon to 4 PM.



Schedule For The Chippewa Bus Summer 2017




The City of Thunder Bay has engaged FOTENN Planning + Design and the Boreal Centre in the creation of a renewed vision for Chippewa Park, one of Thunder Bay’s most treasured landmarks. As part of this work, a comprehensive consultation effort with local First Nations and urban aboriginal groups, key stakeholders, and members of the public will be undertaken to garner beneficial information from all interested parties. This project will guide municipal investment over the short and medium term and establish updated priorities and programming for the park.

Together with your help and understanding, the project outcomes will foster:

  1. Improved terrestrial environments;
  2. Enhanced cultural recognition of our collective heritage;
  3. Usable recreational facilities; and,
  4. Vested public interest in the well being of this community space.

Building off the foundational work completed in the 2000 Chippewa Park Master Plan, this project will evaluate the park’s current programming and infrastructure in order to determine a preferred concept plan for its future use. The project commenced in December 2015, has been on hold for the past year but is expected to restart shortly.


Whether you are discovering the park for the very first time or a regular visitor, we want to hear from you. Our goal for the visioning of Chippewa Park is to engage the community to identify the needs, challenges, opportunities, and to request input on how you would like the future transformation of Chippewa Park to take place.


A second Stakeholder Workshop and Public Open House and will also be held at a later stage in the project to present preliminary options for review, based on the feedback from the first stage of public consultations.


We look forward to working with you throughout this project.


Sheriden Barnett, LLM (ADR)


Boreal Centre

Sarah Millar, RPP

Senior Planner

FOTENN Consultants Inc.

Werner Schwar, OALA

Supervisor, Parks + Open Spaces Section

City of Thunder Bay

A copy of relevant background documents can be located on the City of Thunder Bay’s website at:

Relevant documents include:

  1. Chippewa Park Masterplan, 2000
  2. Chippewa Park Breakwater Study
  3. City of Thunder Bay 2011-2014 Strategic Plan


  Stay with us this summer, whether it is in your RV or tent or in one of our new wheelchair accessible log cabins. Click here for more details  

 The park offers a number of amusement rides aimed at the young and not so young including the historic Merry-Go-Round.  

On Sundays we feature local musical entertainment as part of our Sundays in the Park Concert Series. The first concert will be held on July 3.

2017 Sundays in the Park Schedule will be announced in June


Tuesday Night Jam Sessions

Chippewa Park’s Pavilion Coffee House is alive with music every Tuesday night at 7 PM starting on July 4 and continuing to August 29. Musicians are invited to participate in the ‘open jam’ and the audience is invited to listen, dance and even sing along when appropriate. The evening features a mix of old and new country, folk and some rock & roll and gospel. Existing seating is limited to the first 100 so it would be wise to bring your own chairs. There is no admission but we would welcome a ‘good will’ donation to help cover expenses. Coffee, tea, juice, cakes and cookies are available at no cost. The evening ends at 10 PM. The pavilion and adjacent washrooms are wheelchair accessible. 

For Park bookings, hours of operation etc please call the City of Thunder Bay at  (807) 625-CHIP


For information about Sundays in the Park or The Friends of Chippewa Park please email 


  SSpend Spend your summer at Chippewa Park

 Join    Join us at Chippewa Park again this year for a wide range of public events. 


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Check out some pictures ! 

If you have any pictures of Chippewa Park that you would like to share, please bring them out to the park and we will scan them into our computer and add them to our growing data base on the history of the park.  We want your stories too!

The Gateway to Northwestern Ontario History
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  Chippewa Park has been a favorite with city residents and visitors since it opened in 1921.  Located on along the beautiful coast of Lake Superior, Chippewa holds  an amazing view of the Sleeping Giant, this is your destination for family fun, scenic beauty and relaxation.  With so much to see and do Chippewa is your perfect summer getaway.  


Click on the links on the side to see all that Chippewa has to offer, or telephone the Chippewa Hotline at 807-625-CHIP or call Toll Free at 888-711-5094.  Above is a live action look at the water at Chippewa Park and Pictures and Details of events here at Chippewa Park!